Brazyn’s recovery tools have proven to be quite useful for my hectic lifestyle. I’m constantly traveling and training, so it’s nice to have a portable set of recovery tools that aren’t only reliable, but effective.

I love the collapsible foam roller because it is easily brought down to a size that makes it more convenient to carry around.  

I really enjoy the mobility strap because it gives me an opportunity to strengthen my ankles while on my down time.

The morph stick is awesome because it isn’t too long, making it easy to pack away and carry around.

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Rapid Reboot

I really enjoy the Rapid Reboot system because I’ve had the opportunity to experience how much it can help body recovery. Flushing out the lactic acid buildup and other toxins before/after an intense training session, I’ve noticed I’m far less sore than before I started using Rapid Reboot. I think all three attachments, legs, hips, and arms, are very important for any athlete who trains intensively on a regular basis.

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Lull Bed

My Lull bed is the love of my life! Considering I travel most of the year, I look forward to getting a good night’s sleep in my bed more than almost anything else. Such an incredibly soft bed with the perfect amount of firmness, I find it quite hard to wake up or get out of bed because of how comfortable it is.

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Recovapro is easily one of the best percussion massage tools and great for not only recovery from a good workout or training session, but great for everyday life and relaxation as well!

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