Dom has always been a coach before he became a professional athlete and a fitness & lifestyle influencer. He enjoys hosting clinics at gymnastics gyms and martial arts schools. Clinics are great because participants are able to speed up their progress by learning new drills and improving technique for a particular skill. 

Dom keeps his skills clinics fun and exciting! All clinics will include a warm-up session and will finish with an autograph & photo session. Clinics are structured to assist in a student’s growth. Dom will act as an additional coach to give a fresh perspective, different energy, and methods to help them conquer skills. It is very important to master all of the foundational skills or perfecting them to master more advanced skills. 

FAQs about clinics:

     What is the ratio of participants to Dom?
10-15 per coach; if more participants are enrolled, Dom outsources other coaches to help.

 What kind of equipment should a gym have in order for Dom to hold a clinic?
Preferably a spring floor, some sort of resi mats and/panel mats; Dom also enjoys teaching with and Airtrack or a foam pit depending on the skill.

What skills/levels do you teach in Martial Arts Tricking? Tumbling? Gymnastics?
Dom teaches practically all skills/levels in tumbling and tricking. For gymnastics, he teaches everything except pommel horse/rings/parallel bars. 
Does Dom have insurance? 
Since Dom is a traveling coach, he works with specific insurance companies that will provide general liability insurance to him for the duration of the clinic. Dom’s manager will provide the COI (Certificate of Insurance) to the gym before conducting a clinic. Dom will not hold a clinic unless an insurance policy has been approved for the clinic. 

How much do clinics cost? 
Clinics cost around $60/person for a 1.5 hour clinic. Travel costs (airfare, lodging, ground transportation, food per diem) must be provided by the gym as well. 10 people minimum/20 people max to conduct a clinic. If a gym is interested in conducting a clinic for more than 20 people, we recommend scheduling multiple clinics. 

How long do Dom clinics last?
Dom’s clinics usually lasts 1.5 hour clinic plus 30 minutes for a warm-up session and autograph & photo session.

How else can Dom help my gym?
In addition to clinics, Dom does private lessons for $100/hour. Depending on a gym’s schedule, Dom holds all of the privates on a separate day from the clinic with 15 min breaks in between.