Domitrick Products

Travel Planner

As you all know, I am an avid traveler who is on a plane almost weekly. And while I know that is more than the average person, I know most of you love to travel when you can. I’ve now released my own Domitrick-themed travel planner for you to plan out all the details of your upcoming trips! From overall trip budgeting, to daily activities, to what you need to pack, to flights and transportation, it’s all there! And for those of you who get bored in the car or on the plane like I tend to pretty often, I’ve included some coloring pages of some of my favorite places to go!

Travel Notebook

For those of you who like journaling, doodling, drawing, or just anything involved with writing, I’ve created a composition notebook for you to do all of those fun things! I like to use my notebook to come up with new video concepts for instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, as well as brainstorm other fun ventures like merch designs and future travel plans. What will you use your notebook for?