How to Do a Gainer in 5 Steps

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a backflip off of one foot? Then, you’re in the right place! The most important things are how to stand and which foot to start on. Once you master these two things, you’ll be doing gainers left and right! 

One Quick Note: A gainer is essentially doing a backflip while moving forward, so you’ve got to have your backflip down before you can do a gainer. I repeat - please, don’t try a gainer if you can’t do a backflip! At best, you won’t be able to do it, and at worst, you end up in the ER. 

Step 1 - Loosen up. 

Tight muscles stop you from using your full range of motion. So, really limber up and get the blood flowing before you start practicing your gainer. Stretch or use a massage gun.

Step 2 - Find a safe, soft place to practice. 

Whether you use a mat, foam pit, or trampoline, the important thing is not to hurt yourself while you’re learning this new trick! But it’s easiest to start on a trampoline, and you can use the extra bounce to get yourself over. 

Now it’s time for the action! 

Step 3 - Using your dominant leg, step forward onto the mat or trampoline. 

Most people will go into the gainer with their left leg but figure out what feels most comfortable to you. If you are usually a left twister in gymnastics, you’ll step forward with your left leg but swing your right leg. If you typically twist to the right, then you’ll step forward with your right leg and swing your left leg. 

Step 4 - Stand like an eagle. 

Keep your chest at about a 130-degree angle to the ground. Place your arms behind you as if you’re about to take flight. This position is called the eagle, and it’s vital to landing your gainer. If your chest is too parallel to the ground, you can’t make a full kick with your leg. 

Step 5 - Swing wide!

Then take the leg you’ll swing with, pull it all the way back, and make a full swing. Note: Once you complete the gainer, you’ll land on your dominant leg.

Once you figure out which leg is your dominant one and perfect your eagle stance, you’ll be doing gainers in no time!